Keluarga Besar Fakultas Ilmu Agama Islam Mengucapkan Selamat kepada Ibu Rahmani Timorita Yulianti Atas Gelar Doktor dalam Ilmu Studi Islam dari UIN Sunan Kalijaga
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Jurnal Al-Mawarid

Jurnal Al-Mawarid diterbitkan oleh Jurusan Syari'ah Fakultas Ilmu Agama Islam Universitas Islam Indonesia sebagai media penuangan ide tentang studi,pemikiran, dan penelitian hukum Islam dan masalah-masalah kontemporer.

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Sidik Tono


Study of al-Shatibi’s theory of law constitutes a study and an effort to present top of an intellectual development from century 4 to century 10. The theory of law above resulted matuirity and comprehensive. The background of al-Shatibi’s theory of law is to create theoretical tool can increase flexibility and adaptability positive law and response toward the practical law that deviates from truth religion.

Kata kunci: teori, hukum Islam, al-Syatibi, induksi

Dadan Muttaqien


Talking about Islamic Shari’ah implementation in Indonesia should pay attention to Indonesia position in term of relation between Islam and democracy. The theory of relation Islam and democracy can be classified into three schools of thought. Firstly, Islam is more than a democratic system mainly shura. Secondly, democracy is contrary to Islam. Thirdly, democracy on one hand is in accordance with Islam and on the other it is also different from Islam. So besides, to implement Shari’ah should consider the reality of society.

Kata kunci: syari’at, parpol, Indonesia, dan demokrasi

Masnun Tahir


At first Islamic-either the Koran or the as-Sunnah are not set in concrete, about the recording of marriage. This is different from the verse muamalah that in certain situations instructed to record it. This is sometimes the legitimacy of certain circles for a wedding or marriage is not registered under the hand (Sirri). Demands of development, with a variety of benefit consideration, the Islamic law in Indonesia, set it as in the discussion of this article. Therefore, discourse is also important that the recording of marriage is a way to protect the rights of wives and children. Because Indonesia's strong evidence that marriage is a marriage deed itself. Even the public also needs to be given the understanding that marriage is not listed on the side is not legal under the state also is not valid according to religion. Furthermore, from the standpoint of the State legislation, should be given criminal punishment for couples who do marry are not listed.

Keywords: nikah sirri, maslahah, pembaruan, pluralisme hukum



The main problem that the writer tries to trace in the following article is Satria Effendi’s Thought of Islamic law. One of the related problem is how to describe Satria Effendi’s theoretical framework and methodology of Islamic law. According to this Islamic law expert to develop Islamic law thought it is urgent need to study the goal of Islamic legislation and public interest especially to response several contemporary problems of Islamic law nowadays. In this context, the using and the integrating or combining the deductive-normative approach model and emphiricalinductive approach model constitutes the necessity because it is a way to produce solutive intellectual exercise in the field of Islamic law.

Keywords: maqasid al-syariah, maslahat, ijtihad dan hukum Islam

Ayief Fathurrahman


In this article. the writer tries to describe the reality of classical fiqh which has been becoming the normative foundation of Islamic banking operations. The evidence suggests that classical fiqh has got difficulties and inability to respond the contemporary problems, particularly the banking shari’ah problems. Therefore, it is required a new formulation of dynamic fiqh in accordance with the times and able to respond contemporary problems. Therefore, it is urgent need to reconstruct the normative foundation of Shari’ah banking in Indonesia, especially that of the classical Islamic jurisprudence.

Keywords: fiqh klasik, perbankan Syariah, landasan normatif, dan teori

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